Motorcycle YouTube Vlogger

March 26, 2021
It has been a longer winter than normal for most of us in the UK and in many countries around the world thanks to Lockdown. As you may have seen in my last blog all my re...
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A Decade in Review 2020

February 10, 2021
Despite how the world changed in 2020, especially for those working in the creative industry, I'm amazed by how busy I kept throughout the year but then again you know I...
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A Decade in Review 2019

December 18, 2020
So, I'm very nearly at the end of my Decade in Review where I have been looking back at my work over the last 10 years. All that is left after this blog is looking at the...
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A Decade in Review 2018

December 01, 2020
At the end of a good photoshoot, it’s always difficult to shortlist the images and pick a handful of your favourites for retouching, especially when there are so many you...
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A Decade in Review: 2017

November 08, 2020
As I started preparing this blog I had forgotten what a busy year 2017 was with commercial work and model test shoots. I invested in new camera equipment as well as conce...
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