ANDIE - Andrea Vasiliou Action Hero

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If you are a regular follower you will know I’m a big fan of cinematic and fantasy photography, my head is usually full of ideas which I’d like to shoot and quite often those ideas spill out into much bigger projects. One such project is ANDIE, an action-adventure story which I have wanted to tell for some time.

This is ANDIE - the story so far.

Andrea VasiliouAction adventure storyboarding with Andrea Vasiliou

Above: Actor Andrea Vasiliou who brings her own experience and enthusiasm to the project.

I first worked with Andrea Vasiliou back in 2016 when we worked together shooting lifestyle and fashion - see image below. Andrea had just finished filming Wonder Woman and was still buzzing with excitement. Within minutes of shooting, I instantly thought Andrea would be perfect for the assassin role I had created and shared my ideas with her. Fortunately for me, Andrea was super excited after hearing my ideas and then a few days later after reading my synopsis, she was all too keen to get involved and play the lead role in ANDIE!

Andrea Vasiliou lifestyleAndrea Vasiliou lifestyle photoshoot (Photo by Phil Jones Photography)

Above: 2016 Lifestyle and fashion with Andrea Vasiliou - see more from this shoot at the end of this blog.

The concept - what is it all about?

My original concept was to combine film and motion with high-end retouched cinematic photography to create a stylish, action-packed Motion Graphic Novel as never seen before! It's great to let your imagination run wild and I often have plenty of ideas running through my head. I soon found out his was no easy project to produce by myself and requires help and cooperation from others.

Let's do this!

If you are a producer or production company and looking for a unique fresh concept to develop, I would love to pitch my original ideas to you. Below is just a few storyboard images we created to develop the ideas which give a taste of the concept but admittedly doesn't give too much away. To really do this project justice we need the backing of like-minded creative people who like what they see so far and are intrigued to know more.

About Andie

ANDIE is played by actress and model Andrea Vasiliou who is known for her work in Wonder Woman, Krypton, The Dark Knight Rises, Knights of the Damned and Justice League.

From the moment we are introduced to Andie our story hooks the audience and it soon becomes obvious things aren't always as they seem. 

Don't be fooled by the pretty face and affectionate smile, Andie is the most beautiful girl you never want to meet. A trained killer, a hired assassin, and she makes a wicked lemon drizzle cake!

PJ378913-Edit social media logothe captive

Both Andrea and I have already shared a small selection of images on Instagram and social media which has created an enormous amount of interest and excitement and going by your initial comments we know how excited many of you you are to see this project completed.

To whet your appetite a little more here's a small selection of test shots and storyboard images which I hope you like. Please don't be shy and make sure you leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Below - Concept and storyboard imagery for ANDIE.

female action hero

PJ378389-Edit social media logomotorcycle female assassin

PJ378296-Edit social media logofemale assassin movie

Ford Mustang and female assassin

PJ378526-Edit-Edit social media logoroof top action PJ378632-Edit social media logocovert operation

PJ378588-Edit social media logotime check

PJ378563-Edit social media logoready for action

female assassin action adventure movie

fight scene

girl with gun

PJ378820-Edit social media logoin pursuit PJ378874-Edit social media logofemale action star

PJ471394-Edit social media logocomic book inspired action hero

PJ378707-Edit social media logoAll in black

make up by Grace GrayCinematic make up by Grace Gray

Makeup Artist Grace GrayMakeup Artist Grace Gray and actor Andrea Vasiliou on set

Above: Makeup Artist Grace Gray on set with Andrea Vasiliou

PJ475309 social media logoBehind the scenes Behind the scenes on set as Andrea is about to be suspended

Above and below: Behind the scenes as Andrea Vasiliou is about to be suspended in mid-air.

Stunt work by Andrea VasiliouBehind the scenes as Andrea Vasiliou is about to be suspended in mid air

Below: A composite image of Andrea in action as she leaps from an office window into the London skyline.

Let's flyActor Andrea Vasiliou plays an female assassin and leaps from a London building in this action hero scene

Photography, retouching and original concept by Phil Jones.


Phil Jones Photography Instagram

Andrea Vasiliou Instagram


Of course, none this would have been possible if I didn't have help from others.

In no particular order, I would like to thank the following people for their help:

Essex Police

Tracie Murphy

Grace Gray 

The owners of our secret location

Jon and Chloe

Anouska Watts

Lynn Jones

Peter White

Eddie Coe

Phil Walker

and of course Andrea Vasiliou


W Model Management

W Model Management


Below: 2016 Lifestyle photoshoot with Andrea Vasiliou - images by Phil Jones Photography.

Lifestyle with model Andrea VasiliouAndrea Vasiliou lifestyle photoshoot (Photo by Phil Jones Photography)

Skatergirl with model andrea vasiliouSkate board and lifestyle photoshoot with Andrea Vasiliou. Images by Phil Jones

Skateboard model shootSkateboard model shoot with Andrea Vasiliou. Photo by Phil Jones Photography)

Model Andrea VasiliouModel Andrea Vasiliou lifestyle photoshoot (Photo by Phil Jones Photography)

Model wearing dungareesAndrea Vasiliou fashion and lifestyle photoshoot (Photo by Phil Jones Photography)

Model and actor Andrea VasiliouModel and actor Andrea Vasiliou lifestyle photoshoot (Photo by Phil Jones Photography)


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