A Decade in Review: 2012

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Welcome to my the third chapter as I look back at my favourite photoshoots and images over the last 10 years. In 2012 I ended up shooting lifestyle on a beach in Kent to Damsel in Distress images on a working Railway line in Essex, read on to find out how.



PJP-Blog-Review-Montage-2012A decade in review 2012

In 2012 I was contacted by model Kelly who was interested in updating her portfolio and shooting lifestyle and commercial images, what we didn’t know then was how well we would get on and how many shoots we would have together. It’s only right that I dedicate the 2012 blog to Kelly and showcase just some of our photoshoots from that year. 

As I mentioned from the previous blog, this was around the time when I was extremely keen to test, not only to better my understanding of photography and learn what all the camera menu settings did but experiment with lighting, both natural and photographic and develop my own style and look. Looking through my Adobe Lightroom catalogue at the images I shot from this year, I was surprised by how many images I shared which came straight off the camera with absolutely no Photoshop or Lightroom editing. 


Spring fashionspring fashion shoot of attractive young woman Spring photography

Our first shoot was in March 2012 on a beautiful sunny day, we created Boho Fashion styled images at a local country park. My camera was the original Canon 5D mk1 or classic as it’s now known, I also had just purchased a cheap Canon 50mm F1.8 lens which I bought for under £100.  Having a good rapport with your subject has always been really important to me, even if you don’t get on like a house on fire it doesn’t hurt to be polite and friendly for a few hours. Fortunately, Kelly and I did get on well and were already planning the next shoot and chatting about other images we would both like to create, and because we live close to each other, we would often get together for just a couple of hours. What really helped me when shooting with Kelly was working in the diverse locations and surroundings, we also created images from every season, although unfortunately, I don’t think we didn’t manage any shoots in the snow, I guess we can blame global warming for that!

whimsical photography fashion and whimsical Above: My first Shoot with model Kelly.


Lifestyle Photography

Below: Lifestyle photography. Images available from Shutterstock for commercial use.

lifestyle photography shutterstock images

home lifestyle woman at home

Below: A couple of years after shooting the above image, I commissioned professional retouched Princess Arina to work her magic and Arina really did an amazing job. As a commercial photographer, I always give my clients the option to have their images retouched but more often than not they run with the image pretty much as it comes off the camera, sometimes with just a subtle skin retouch and maybe colour adjustment. I'd be interested to know what you think, should images be retouched or left alone?

retouched lifestyle photography


Fitness Photography

fitness and lifestyle park exercise checking your pulse exercising outdoors

Above: Kelly has always been extremely keen on her fitness which plays a big part in her life. Of course, she was really keen to work with to create royalty-free images available from Shutterstock.

young woman at workBeautiful woman concentrating using phone in office outdoor photography

Above: Another day testing in the studio and on location.


A day at the beach

July 2012, we decided to have a day out at the beach armed with my Canon 5D, reflectors and a converted Bowens transmitter to fire my Canon Speedlight as an Off-Camera Flash. That was the first time I realised what appetite Kelly had after watching her demolish a burger and chips as a lunchtime treat! To be honest, she probably burned off the calories in a matter of minutes!

beach photography beach model photoshoot model swim wear photoshoot

IMG_6233-Edit lo resbeach lifestyleGorgeous young woman walking on beach using phone woman on beachusing phoneBeautiful woman standing on beach using mobile phone

whimsical beach photographyClose up of beautiful woman with flowers in her hair, mythology inspired fashion image Beach model photographyBeautiful woman kneeling in water, fashion image


A Damsel in Distress

One of my all-time favourite set of images which I’ve taken is the classic railway line damsel-in-distress where the heroine is tied to the railway track by a dastardly villain. The idea of shooting this was suggested by Kelly after seeing my Dark Fairy Tale images. Throughout the year we would chat about ideas and possible locations. In September 2012, I was given permission by a local railway museum for us to shoot there. Kelly arranged for her friend and Makeup artist Maridelle-Tan to help on the day with Hair and Makeup and a friend of mine Kenton Church kindly agreed to be our villain. I never have written shared a blog about this shoot, let me know if you’re interested and perhaps it’s something I can do soon! 

model in train carriage

vintage photoshoot   beware of the trainsKey Light Speedlight 580EXII, white reflector fill light, Models Kenton and Kelly man dressed in cloak and top hat, leaning over woman as she's tied with rope sitting on a railway track.classic damsel in distressDamsel in distress photoshoot, villain tying our damsel to a railway track with rope. Vintage style photograph to give a 1920's style look


Autumn Fashion


Below: Early November 2012 we had amazing weather and one Sunday afternoon decided to shoot at a local park to create a few autumnal shots. 

The idea was not only to create commercial lifestyle images for the portfolio but to experiment with shooting into the sun. 

autumn model photoshoot autumn fashion photography

shooting through leaves unedited image of model Kelly Autumn golden light

Above left: Straight off the camera with no editing.

Woman watch photoshootModel wearing oversized Rotary inside her wrist

Above: We also took the time to create some test images for Rotary watches which they shared on social media.


It goes without saying that I went on to have many more great shoots with Kelly, some of which you’ll see in the next blog, and although we haven’t managed to get together for a while we still stay in contact, will we ever get to shoot together again, watch this space to find out!

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Kelly for all her help and encouragement over the years. Looking through the images brought back many happy memories of fun days out, good times and the valuable experience to better me as a photographer.

Shutterstock Royalty-Free Images



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